Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Promo Shoot for Direct Arts A Go Go

Suzanne Woodrow who is on our Benefit Committee writes about the recent glam promo shoot for Direct Arts A Go Go, our swinging '60s benefit on June 10th, which will feature Jenny Rocha, Miss Saturn and DJ Josh Styles of the fabulous Subway Soul parties.See Suzanne in the photos below (she's the bombshell in the baby blue bubble dress). --V

Last year Syama Meagher, a good friend of mine, invited me to a fundraising event called the Paper Angels Party.   I was thoroughly impressed with how large of an event this turned out to be with an open bar, a silent auction AND two dance performances.  I even had my photo taken on the moon - loved that idea!

Recently, Syama invited me to a second Direct Arts event, Take Two, where I saw a short experimental film about a mother and daughter, followed by a play called THE FEMALE TERRORIST PROJECT.  The performance was incredible and very powerful – so much so, that I wanted to know more about what Direct Arts really does and see what I can do to participate.

Syama graciously informed Victoria of my interest and shortly thereafter I met Victoria for breakfast and she told me about Direct Arts' current project – a party with a swinging 60’s theme to benefit a tour of the play PAPER ANGELS and a workshop of a new play about go-go girls.  She mentioned that she was organizing a promo shoot for the benefit so I met her again the following week in the private room of 10 Degrees, a bar in the East Village.  I didn’t realize what a production this was going to be until I was putting my hair in an upsweep and drawing on cat eyes.  We all really looked the part; heels, pearls and all.

The best part was that we all looked great in the photos, but no one can tell how rigged up our dresses were! Victoria couldn't even bend down because hers was so tight and I had tape across my back holding my dress shut. Hilarious.

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