Monday, November 28, 2011

Alyssa Joins Direct Arts!

Hi, my name is Alyssa Bothman, and I am honored to be the newest addition to Direct Arts as the Program Assistant for Take Two. I would like to introduce myself, as I will soon be sharing stories, interviews, and news with you. I recently moved from California to New York just over one month ago. I am from Los Gatos, California, a small town located just south of San Francisco. In June of this year, I graduated from Santa Clara University in the Silicon Valley where I received a double degree. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Finance and a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts with an emphasis in Dance. An interesting combination, I know, but my degrees sum up the pieces that make me whole. As a performing arts enthusiast and a striving dancer and choreographer, I decided to move across the country after graduation and experience life on the East Coast. What better place to be involved in the arts than New York City: the Mecca of performing arts!

I have always had a special interest in social justice and the arts, so I am inspired by Direct Arts’ mission to incorporate multiple cultures in its productions. With the ever-increasing desire for our American society to recognize all cultures, it is through organizations like Direct Arts to make this dream a reality. Since America is a melting pot of diversity, it is essential for us to celebrate the richness of culture in our country. Theater and film provide a means of communicating real world affairs with an artistic glow. I am proud to be a part of Direct Arts: an organization actively encouraging intercultural productions, and I am eager to plan and participate in the upcoming events this year.

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